Term Description
Client Usually the internet web browser. Examples are Microsoft™ Internet Explorer, Netscape™ Navigator, Mozilla, Opera etc.
Traffic A measure of the amount of information that is being given out to web browsers by the web server. The more users that visit your site the more traffic this will generate. Also the more elaborate your web page and the more pictures that it contains, the more the traffic
Upload The process of sending your completed web pages to the web server ready for users to see them.
Web Browser Common name for a "Client". See above.
Web Server A dedicated computer usually owned and operated by a Internet Service Provider (ISP) or a web hosting company. These computers will feed the information requested by people browsing your web pages to them. Frequently these servers are maintained round the clock in a secure facility so that you can have a fair degree of confidence that your web pages will remain visible at all times.
Webmaster The person responsible for maintaining the content of a web site


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